Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!  I am going to enjoy my time with my family and I hope you will be able to do the same!  Peace and joy to you all!

:) Lorraine

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Secondary Connections - Part 2

Thanks everyone! I've had some great feedback with the part 1 of Secondary Connections!  I hope this part 2 will continue to broaden the scope of products available for Secondary Classrooms!

As before here is my information first:
I'm a secondary FSL teacher (French as a Second Language) - grades 8 - 12 - I also have authentic travel pictures for Spain, France and Germany to use for culture lessons

Lesley's Learning Station:
Hi. I have taught 8th grade English for five years.
Pinterest: … 8th-grade/
TpT Store: … ng-Station

Jax and Jake:
Our pinterest location follows and our collaborative ELA

Room 213:
My pinterest is
Blog is

4 the Love of Math:
I'm excited to have a list of secondary sellers to follow! I just started a blog (spent a few hours tonight writing & scheduling posts)
My facebook page is a work in progress:

Hi, I'm Justin of SpanishPlans. Spanish teacher From Chicago, but will be taking a sabbatical this year to teach English in Colombia
FB =
Twitter =
Blog =
TPT Store = … s/Products
Pinterest =

Amy Harrison:
Hello all!  Social media newbie here.  I am excited to follow some secondary sellers!  Currently, I teach 8th grade math.
Pinterest =
Math Pinterest Board =
Blog =
Twitter =
Facebook =

The Math Nerdette - Christine Baugh:
Hi! I'm so excited to have found this post! I'm an 8th grade math teacher and I also teach a high school math class.
Blog -
Pinterest -
Bloglovin -
TPT Store - … tine-Baugh
Facebook -

Spelling and Technology:
I'm Raul and I taught high school computers as well as college level computer classes for the last seven years.  I taught K-8 previously: science, ESL, and reading.  My high school/college resources are computer related (mostly Photoshop and Microsoft Office) and my K-3 materials are mostly word work packets.
TpT: … Technology
Blog 1:
Blog 2:

Mad Eye Moody Productions:
I taught Math and English (not at the same time) over grades 7-12 for nearly a decade. My products are for middle school math and 6-12 ELA. I also have a sizeable collection of classroom management resources/products.
TpT store: … roductions

Brittany Naujok - The Colorado Classroom:
I mainly teach 6th grade, but my store is largely for 4th-9th.  Also I tend to focus in social studies and math, but I really dabble in everything.
Here are my various sites:
TPT Store: … -Classroom
Blog:      OR
Facebook: … oClassroom

Julie Faulkner:
Following! Would love to connect with others, too!

Sra Sol:
I'm Amy and I teach secondary Spanish and have some French and ELL experience as well. I am new to the TpT game so I would love to connect and look forward to following each of you!
Facebook: … e=bookmark

Island Teacher:
Hi all! I'm Emilie. I currently teach Spanish in the Cayman Islands and have an ELL background as well. Looking forward to connecting more with secondary sellers. smile

Piece of Pi:
Great idea! My TpT store focuses on math, grades 7.8.9.

HardCORE History Investigations:
I teach Secondary Social Studies, primarily history and psych.
Pinterest: … -hardcore/

Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy:

Reflective Thinker:
My teaching experience and background is secondary English/Language Arts and curriculum and instruction. Although most of my resources are language arts based, some of my resources were designed to be used across the curriculum as I have taught a number of staff development classes throughout my teaching career.
Store … ve-Thinker

Kid World Citizen:
I teach ESL and Spanish. Because they are language classes, I include a lot of culture, and frequently will put up social studies-related material (especially geography, my favorite subject:).
On fb and twitter and my web site, I am all about global learning and multicultural activities.
My store is: … ld-Citizen
Web site:

Math Review Activities by PrepToon:
I sell secondary Math products
Store: … ng-Visuals

Brynn Allison:
I teach high school ELA.

Secondary Math Shop:
My store features products for secondary math, primarily Geometry and Algebra. 
Store: … -Math-Shop

Smart Apple:

Monday, December 15, 2014

Teaching about friendship with adjectives

One of the units I teach is based on friendship and the adjectives that each of the students looks to in order to describe their ideal friend or their favourite friend.  What makes an awesome friend?  It certainly is different for each of us.  Perhaps you need someone who is quiet and who gives you the space you need to think.  What you as an adult will look for in a friend is often very different from what our students look for and yet there may also be many similarities.  I just love this image to use when discussing qualities and in order to expand my students' vocabulary.  I also use the DVD of Ratatouille.  It provides different examples of "types of friendships" - a friendship between father and son or between two co-workers.   == two resources useful for working with adjectives in French.

Although not in French it is a great springboard to vocabulary building!

:) Lorraine


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Secondary Connections - Part 1

Hi everyone!

I think secondary teachers could certainly learn from our Elementary Teaching counterparts when it comes to networking with each other.  Therefore, I am going to share with you some Secondary Teacher sites to help build our social media footprint.  Perhaps you will find someone who shares your subject area passion! :)

Here is my information to start:
I'm a secondary FSL teacher - grades 8 - 12 - I also have authentic travel pictures for Spain, France and Germany to use for culture lessons

Mrs Fullers Teaching Adventures:
I write about and produce products for students grades 6-12 and college in English
FB: … e=bookmark
Instagram: ms_fs_teaching_adventures (haven't updated as of yet)

Ellen Weber: Brain based tasks for upper grades:
FB =
Twitter =
Blog =
TPT Store =
Email =
Pinterest =

Jessica Osborne:
Hi! My store is mostly 4-8 language arts (lots of grammar and writing.) I have a couple things in lower and higher grades though. smile
TpT Store: … ca-Osborne

Erin Schneider:
Hi!  I am secondary social studies!  smile

David McLean:
I'm secondary English, Literature and Drama with a bit of Psychology, a tad of ethics and just a smidgen of the IB.
My store is at:- … clean-5189
If you have time, you may also want to look at my novels written with secondary students in mind.

Angelia Hensley:
I'm an 8th grade ELA teacher.  Here are my sites:  (Pinterest) … ia-Hensley  (TpT Store)  (Facebook)   (Blog)  (Bloglovin)

The English Teacher's Pet:
Secondary Language arts and Social Studies, mostly grades 7-11....
Following- Thanks!
TPT Store: … achers-Pet
Google+: (Search for The English Teachers Pet Store) or

Perfetto Writing Room:
I teach American, British, and Grades 9- up through the university level.  I specialize in glossaries and reference, writing products, presentations and games though I am always expanding my repertoire.
          Store: … ritingroom
          Blog link Via Bloglovin:
          FB: … cts?ref=hl

Mixing it up in the middle:
I'm just transitioning from 4th grade to 6th grade math and science, so there is more to come-I promise!
TPT: … -In-Middle

Igniting Inquiry:
I am certified 4-8 in math and science, with science being my preference and what I tend to post about most.
Store: … ng-Inquiry

Three Dollar Scholar:
TeachersPayTeachers: … ar-Scholar

Gail Hennessey:
FB: … ef=tn_tnmn
Pinterest: … mand-more/
Instagram:hmmm, I don't do this...
My website for teachers/kids(lots of free materials):

Mrs Mullis:
I teach 6th grade ELA and science

Skool Aid Products:
Most of my products are in ancient history, with a few in Language Arts.

Dianne Mason:
I've just retired from teaching college English. I'm working on a Facebook page and a blog.
Here's my Pinterest page
My blog and FB pages are still new, but here are the links to them.

Misty Miller:
I have 4-8th grade math products. I teach 7th/8th grade remediation math to resource students.
FB: … e=bookmark
TPT Store: … iller-2841

The Language Arts Classroom:
I am ELA and have lots of grammar products:

The Healthy Mind Curriculum by Janet McCoy:
My TPT link is:

Secondary Sara:
I currently teach 7th and 8th grade ELA, and also have a high school ELA background, particularly for test prep.
TPT Store:

Sensible Solutions:

La Profe Plotts:
Hi! I teach HS Spanish, but I love following other secondary sellers, too.

Science and Math with Mrs Lau:
Hey!  I am a science (and used to also teach math) teacher on a few years break from teaching to raise my son.  I am always looking to connect with other secondary sellers too!
Here is my blog:

Mrs D's Classroom:
Hi!  I am an Intervention Specialist with a mixture of co-teaching and direct instruction Math classes for grades 7-12.  I am excited to have found this thread to connect with other secondary peeps smile
My TPT store: … -Classroom

I teach 6th grade math and science in a middle school,  I am excited to meet others. My TPT products are geared for students who struggle in math and need supplemental activities.

These are just a few!  I will post some more at another time!  Happy Teaching -- Lorraine

Monday, December 8, 2014

Keeping them interested until Christmas!

I have found another Linky Party for Christmas Resources!  How could you NOT find something useful for your classroom?!

Here's the link!  Christmas Resources from K to Secondary


I found this picture on Pinterest!  What an "expressive" picture to use for creative writing!

Also, I just LOVE this picture to use for practicing "Si" Clauses for French class! 

Keep those students amused for the last couple of weeks of school!  :) Happy Teaching! Lorraine

Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Freebies and Christmas Resources!

One of the best things about this holiday season is definitely the wide variety of Christmas decorating ideas!  Here is one that I found on Pinterest while looking around for ideas and interesting finds!I must say that the example on Pinterest is a bit different but even my secondary school students had fun tracing their hands in preparation to making a Christmas tree on our classroom door.

We made a mini party of it with hot chocolate, decorating of our Christmas tree and the hanging of lights. We even have an Advent Calendar in our room this year. Each day a different student gets to open the door to see what the chocolate will look like. :)

Joyeux Noël!  Merry Christmas!

Here is another "winter freebies" Linky Party happening!  With the end of the 2014 soon arriving, I'm sure you can find something here to help with the excitable students in your classes!

Check out a wide range of classroom resources at:  winter freebies


You may also be interested in these found at my TpT store:


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter Ebook for Language Arts & Humanities - Secondary!

I am so excited to be part of this Teachers Pay Teachers endeavour!  Thirty-five secondary teachers have put together an ebook with Tips and Ideas for the secondary classroom.  My page has been chosen for French and is included in this ebook.  I feel so humbled and so very excited!  This is the fourth Winter ebook to be compiled.  Please check out all of the amazing tips and freebies for the classroom. Tell your colleagues and friends!  These are special gifts from these teachers and should be enjoyed by everyone. 

Be sure not to forget about all the other grade level ebooks also included at these TpT stores!

The "Math & Science" Secondary Ebook is SOON to come!  Watch for its link HERE! 
"A special thanks to all of those teachers who took the time to compile these books on our behalf!"

Happy "Winter Holidays" browsing!  :) Lorraine


Here it is!


Enjoy!  Lorraine